Foot Fetish

I don’t want to call it that because it sounds dirty so I’m just going to say preference (maybe).

When someone is barefoot my eyes gravitate towards their openness and I get a once-over to see if they are nice or not. If they are nice (meaning if they are clean, clipped nails, long toes (not stubby)), then you get major bonus points towards me liking you. See? Preference.

I’m not a bad person for technically judging someone by their feet, I’m just thinking about what kind of person doesn’t care about their own feet. I have plenty of friends whose feet aren’t the best and I still love them (the person, not the feet) to pieces. I just get really happy when I see a really attractive person with nice feet. I don’t know why but I do.

Example: when I see a celebrity with bare feet I get excited; it’s like they’re real people you know? They weren’t born with some super fancy shoe as a foot instead of 10 toes and a fear of stepping on Legos.

I like feet but I don’t have a foot “fetish”.

Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking something like this.

What is your awkward fetish/ not fetish?



teeth gif

No I don’t mean the creepy movie about vagina dentata (if you don’t know that that is don’t google it, watch the movie Teeth).

I’m sitting in a waiting room of an orthodontists office and my stomach hurts. Luckily I’m not the one getting worked on, so that eases the tension, but my mother is and she has a terrible fear of dentists and sharp things in her mouth and I feel her pain. Not literally but I hate going to the dentist’s office (mostly because that’s how she taught me to react while growing up, but whateves). I hate that she has to get surgery but she needs it, I’d rather be in pain for a short while than be in pain for a really long time (like the rest of my life) even though I swear up and down I will never get my wisdom teeth taken out (yes I’m a 20-year-old who still has all of her wisdom teeth) but they don’t hurt me and they haven’t caused any problems (yet) and I’ll just keep them, I feel smarter with these new teeth sprouting up, thank you.


Take care of your teeth. My mothers’ diet (though she doesn’t eat a lot to begin with) consists mostly of her seasonal candy and diet coke, even though she brushes twice a day, uses mouthwash and (I’m pretty positive she) flosses every day as well, that’s not enough to tackle the impact of what sweets and diet coke can do to you.

I never really pay attention to what I eat, I don’t eat a lot of healthy food but I don’t eat a ton of candy either. My teeth aren’t perfect, far from, I have cavities (I’m getting it taken care of once mom is done, she’s the priority) and I have an inconsistent dental hygiene routine (once classes start back up I’ll be back on track, it’s difficult without a schedule). I also blame my mom’s genetics for her teeth whereas my dad has really great teeth (I’ve never been so thankful to be more genetically like my father).

I don’t have any terrible dentist stories, I just know I should dislike them.

Do you have any bad dentist stories? Or to switch it up, do you have any great dentist stories? These will be a great comfort to be in the coming months.

Inspiration Train – Going, Going, Gone!

Am I the only one that gets super motivated for a while and then it turns to mush within a day? I love working on my career and learning new things and writing and planning but sometimes I get over the high that I feel when I’m working on something I love. It’s stinks and it makes me not want to do anything. Like right now, I’m working on my blog and researching PR tactics and conferences to go to next year. I’m having a blast, I’m feeling motivated that this is the career path I want and that I will live the life my parents want me to (I say that because they always tell me to not live the life they have because it sucks; they work because they have to and they don’t necessarily enjoy). I want to be able to do anything I want (duh, who doesn’t?) and I want to be able to help people and to prove people wrong and to show the world who I am and what I am capable of. I’m excited for my future. It will be bright and full of people who I love and we’ll be going on adventures non-stop and I’ll be living life to the fullest (my head is in the clouds and I like it up here so leave me alone).

I say all of this and it amps me up. I get excited and it makes me want to work harder but eventually I hit a wall and it’s hard to overcome.

Fear. That is my wall. The fear of change, the fear of failure. I don’t like failing and my outlook on change depends on if its good or bad. I’m working on climbing that wall and breaking it. I don’t like when fear creeps in my head and ruins my chance of greatness. I could accomplish a ton more if I overcome my fear of life.

So that’s my New Year’s Resolution: conquering (or at least working on breaking) my fear wall. It will be difficult but as long as I’m sure of what I want to do when I “grow up” then I’ll be fine and I’ll start living the life I actually want.

What are your resolutions?

See you on the other side!

.new years gif.gif


Christmas Is Upon Us

Like many others I am a big fan of Christmas. I don’t like decorating the Christmas tree but I do love decorating the house and putting up lights. Christmas is a wonderful time for giving, as many people do: presents are the #1 things we give on Christmas. I love opening presents (I’m only 20 I can still enjoy a childlike Christmas) and I love wrapping presents (even though I’m terrible at it), I love seeing the look on the recipients face when they see what they got.

Christmas is about so much more than presents though: family, fellowship, religious beliefs. We as a culture, we as a people, make Christmas about giving hundreds of dollars in toys and gadgets and gift-able items but rarely do we see people celebrating the real meaning of Christmas: giving back to the people that can’t give at all due to their circumstances or loving the time they get off to appreciate their family and friends.

What does Christmas mean for you?