I don’t like how becoming an adult means you have to stop being a kid; sure being an adult is a million times better (to each their own) but I think that instead of pretending to be a millionaire or pretending to have a family you could make that a reality. I’m not a fan of losing my childlike faith from gaining knowledge of the world and I don’t like how we can’t pretend anymore out loud. Though we could. Isn’t being fake pretending? It’s just the in style term for the word pretend. The word “fake”, according to Urban Dictionary, means someone who acts too nicely with a disgustingly sweet voice (here’s the link to the full descriptive definition I’ve met people who are fake – duh who hasn’t? – and I’m not a fan, but who am I to make people stop their childlike pretending? They’re practicing their imagination and seeing how many people they can get to play along.

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