New hair trend: color melting

First there were highlights; you know, the style dye-job where you would get a shower cap, cut holes into and pull some hair through?

Then there was ombre – multiple takes of the ombre style (multiple) and now there is a thing called “color melting”. 


@hairbytashalouisec (via Instagram)

According to Matrix StyleLink stylist, George Papanikolas, color melting is a “technique that blends the highlights with the base color of the hair so you don’t have any harsh lines.”

Color melting is a new fad that makes blurring the lines more fun and to have more colors in your hair without looking like a clown with a rainbow wig.

Try it out, you’ll be a part of the new fashion world: hair edition.


If I could turn back time…


I wouldn’t change much. Maybe skip eating all of those helpings of pasta and spending my money as soon as I had it.

I feel pretty confident in the life I’ve made so far. I have a car, a job, friends who are there for me, family, and I’m getting a college education. I don’t to turn back time I just need to learn what to do with what I have left.

I waste time more than I should. I surf the web not knowing what I’m looking for, sure that’s the reason most of the time, and that causes me to slack off in things I should be doing, like studying or reading, or sleeping.

Time is precious and I think I’m just starting to realize that which is sad. 20 years down the drain and I’m not sure if I ever appreciated time as much as I do now.

Live for the moment sure, but don’t live for your moment of Twitter feuds and Facebook drama. Live for the moment of today, breathing, looking at the sky and how wonderful it is. Take into consideration of someone else’s day and how you can make an impact on them.

A goal of mine for 2016 is to be more volunteering. I love people, I love helping them, working with them. I’m going to have at least 100 hours of service to end this year.

Don’t think about turning back time, think about how you can make the rest of yours more meaningful.