If I could turn back time…


I wouldn’t change much. Maybe skip eating all of those helpings of pasta and spending my money as soon as I had it.

I feel pretty confident in the life I’ve made so far. I have a car, a job, friends who are there for me, family, and I’m getting a college education. I don’t to turn back time I just need to learn what to do with what I have left.

I waste time more than I should. I surf the web not knowing what I’m looking for, sure that’s the reason most of the time, and that causes me to slack off in things I should be doing, like studying or reading, or sleeping.

Time is precious and I think I’m just starting to realize that which is sad. 20 years down the drain and I’m not sure if I ever appreciated time as much as I do now.

Live for the moment sure, but don’t live for your moment of Twitter feuds and Facebook drama. Live for the moment of today, breathing, looking at the sky and how wonderful it is. Take into consideration of someone else’s day and how you can make an impact on them.

A goal of mine for 2016 is to be more volunteering. I love people, I love helping them, working with them. I’m going to have at least 100 hours of service to end this year.

Don’t think about turning back time, think about how you can make the rest of yours more meaningful.


teeth gif

No I don’t mean the creepy movie about vagina dentata (if you don’t know that that is don’t google it, watch the movie Teeth).

I’m sitting in a waiting room of an orthodontists office and my stomach hurts. Luckily I’m not the one getting worked on, so that eases the tension, but my mother is and she has a terrible fear of dentists and sharp things in her mouth and I feel her pain. Not literally but I hate going to the dentist’s office (mostly because that’s how she taught me to react while growing up, but whateves). I hate that she has to get surgery but she needs it, I’d rather be in pain for a short while than be in pain for a really long time (like the rest of my life) even though I swear up and down I will never get my wisdom teeth taken out (yes I’m a 20-year-old who still has all of her wisdom teeth) but they don’t hurt me and they haven’t caused any problems (yet) and I’ll just keep them, I feel smarter with these new teeth sprouting up, thank you.


Take care of your teeth. My mothers’ diet (though she doesn’t eat a lot to begin with) consists mostly of her seasonal candy and diet coke, even though she brushes twice a day, uses mouthwash and (I’m pretty positive she) flosses every day as well, that’s not enough to tackle the impact of what sweets and diet coke can do to you.

I never really pay attention to what I eat, I don’t eat a lot of healthy food but I don’t eat a ton of candy either. My teeth aren’t perfect, far from, I have cavities (I’m getting it taken care of once mom is done, she’s the priority) and I have an inconsistent dental hygiene routine (once classes start back up I’ll be back on track, it’s difficult without a schedule). I also blame my mom’s genetics for her teeth whereas my dad has really great teeth (I’ve never been so thankful to be more genetically like my father).

I don’t have any terrible dentist stories, I just know I should dislike them.

Do you have any bad dentist stories? Or to switch it up, do you have any great dentist stories? These will be a great comfort to be in the coming months.

Inspiration Train – Going, Going, Gone!

Am I the only one that gets super motivated for a while and then it turns to mush within a day? I love working on my career and learning new things and writing and planning but sometimes I get over the high that I feel when I’m working on something I love. It’s stinks and it makes me not want to do anything. Like right now, I’m working on my blog and researching PR tactics and conferences to go to next year. I’m having a blast, I’m feeling motivated that this is the career path I want and that I will live the life my parents want me to (I say that because they always tell me to not live the life they have because it sucks; they work because they have to and they don’t necessarily enjoy). I want to be able to do anything I want (duh, who doesn’t?) and I want to be able to help people and to prove people wrong and to show the world who I am and what I am capable of. I’m excited for my future. It will be bright and full of people who I love and we’ll be going on adventures non-stop and I’ll be living life to the fullest (my head is in the clouds and I like it up here so leave me alone).

I say all of this and it amps me up. I get excited and it makes me want to work harder but eventually I hit a wall and it’s hard to overcome.

Fear. That is my wall. The fear of change, the fear of failure. I don’t like failing and my outlook on change depends on if its good or bad. I’m working on climbing that wall and breaking it. I don’t like when fear creeps in my head and ruins my chance of greatness. I could accomplish a ton more if I overcome my fear of life.

So that’s my New Year’s Resolution: conquering (or at least working on breaking) my fear wall. It will be difficult but as long as I’m sure of what I want to do when I “grow up” then I’ll be fine and I’ll start living the life I actually want.

What are your resolutions?

See you on the other side!

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7 things to do during the fall

1. Fall Themed Pictures

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The world is your perfect studio during the fall; grab your camera and some friends and head out to a local park and rake up the leaves and take fall photos!

2. Spending any time outside while you still can

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Last minute Frisbee on your Library Lawn, a jog around campus, biking around your college town, bonfires at your local lake. Use this Fall to spend quality time with friends and be thankful for the cooler weather.

3. Go to home football games

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4. Find a new indoor hobby for the winter

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Take up reading, start a blog and document your college career, take more naps, binge watch Netflix, maybe, if you’re bored enough, start studying for finals

5. Speaking of Netflix, catch up on new seasons and episodes you missed while studying

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6. Go on a last minute road trip before traveling takes an icy turn

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No one likes to be shut in during the winter and we all love getting off campus every once in a while. So while it is still safe, take a trip to nearby state parks for camping or amusement parks for one last hurrah.

7. Make plans for winter break

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We have almost a full month with no classes, no school responsibilities (unless you’re taking winter classes, in that case I’m sorry and you’re winning) so why don’t we go ahead and plan something awesome for every week or for the whole break; I hear NYC, California and Europe are wonderful vacation destinations.

Let me know what you’re up to this fall by tweeting me @maddywritesalot

Aspen Coffee Stillwater

Review on the downtown Aspen Coffee in Stillwater, OK.

So Aspen is a cute little coffee shop (chain) in downtown Stillwater. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, they had knickknacks, large jars of coffee beans on display (you ask them at the counter for a 1/2lb (or however much you want) bag of it and they take the giant jar and measure it for you to take home and enjoy). It was a wonderful place to study. They didn’t have a bathroom which sucked when I spilled Jacob’s (the man in the picture) coffee all over the table and his notebook. He had to go behind the counter and wash his hands.

So yeah. That happened. I knocked it over when I was trying to touch his arm to tell him that everything was okay, obviously it wasn’t when I almost ruined his phone… Thank God for Bookbook, right?

After the catastrophe we settled back down and did homework and studied. I got a lot done, more so than if I were in my dorm, because if I were there I would be bingeing Arrow.

Anyway: Aspen Coffee Downtown was fantastic and I am currently texting Jacob about how we want to make it a regular study place.

If you’re in the neighborhood we’ll be at the high table in the corner. 😉

“I don’t want to go to work”

Do you know how many times I say that to myself on a daily basis? A lot. I only work 2 days a week, not even 20 hours and I dread going to work. It makes me anxious about getting enough sleep and being able to wake up for class the next morning because I work until 1:30am.

I never realize how lucky I am for the job that I have and for what it has done for me. I also never realize that the main reason I have a job isn’t to provide for myself and sustain my life, it is so I can have fun, eat out with my friends, go shopping and indulge myself with the “finer” things in life.

That isn’t a bad thing. I work for what I want. My parents are teaching me a lesson that I am already starting to be grateful for: save money. I’m not used to this simple concept. I range from <$300 to $6 in my bank account. I never have anymore than that because I’m a sophomore in college that can’t save money to help save myself from a world of hurt when I’m older. It’s gross how much I spend.

So yeah, I really don’t want to go to work but once I’m there I’m great. I’m a cashier at a convenience store on my campus and I love it. I meet so many people and I enjoy what I do for the most part. But since it’s so late at night (I work 9p-1:30a) of course I get delusional from lack of sleep (it doesn’t help that I have an 8:30a lab that morning as well). Things become funny and things that suck suck more. Like if a customer has a bad attitude it affects me and I don’t like it because my job is to be happy and to be positive for the customers. It just sucks. That and the fact that my feet hurt a lot from just standing behind a counter for 4 hours is the only reason I don’t actually like my job.

I could probably quit and be happy, I wouldn’t have as much structure in my schedule because I’d have more free time that I would spend on Netflix and sleeping but then I also wouldn’t have any income and I wouldn’t be able to pay for gas to go on midnight drives or even make it home for the weekend.

As much as I hate the thought of a job I need one. It helps keep my schedule intact and it gives me an income that I worked for and can spend on anything. It helps me feel independent and that I can actually live on my own.

You may say to yourself how much you hate your job and that you “don’t want to go to work” but trust me you wouldn’t be working if you didn’t have something you were working for.

Always look for the brighter side of things. Start saving half of your paycheck now and maybe you can quit and live comfortably for the rest of your life in 30 years. I dunno. But you have goals and things you want and people you need to take care of (i.e. yourself). Your job, no matter how terrible, is there to help you attain those goals and help you live a life worth living. You just have to be thankful for whatever income you have.

If this made sense, great minds think alike, if it didn’t, I’m sorry – I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about how much I don’t want to go to work tonight and I thought I’d write about it.

Fall Fashion: Leggings

What every girl loves to wear when it’s cold they’re too lazy for real pants.

Fall season means the campus will be overrun with leggings. Whether they are fleece lined and patterned or solid colors and see-through leggings have one thing in common: comfort. Some think that leggings are trashy or they are for one type of person, leggings are for everyone (I have yet to see men wear leggings but that should be interesting). Leggings took the Fall stage first in the 1990s when they were outselling jeans and then again in 2005 when they were a “fashion revival” (storify.com/voicelessu771). Now leggings again become popular, they haven’t gone out of style they just make new ones. Patterned leggings, such as the ones from Lularoe, are a hit. You can wear then for more than yoga (eye roll); leggings are meant to be worn during the long chilly walk to class, to a date night with your favorite people and even to sleep in. Leggings are the ultimate fashion do.