teeth gif

No I don’t mean the creepy movie about vagina dentata (if you don’t know that that is don’t google it, watch the movie Teeth).

I’m sitting in a waiting room of an orthodontists office and my stomach hurts. Luckily I’m not the one getting worked on, so that eases the tension, but my mother is and she has a terrible fear of dentists and sharp things in her mouth and I feel her pain. Not literally but I hate going to the dentist’s office (mostly because that’s how she taught me to react while growing up, but whateves). I hate that she has to get surgery but she needs it, I’d rather be in pain for a short while than be in pain for a really long time (like the rest of my life) even though I swear up and down I will never get my wisdom teeth taken out (yes I’m a 20-year-old who still has all of her wisdom teeth) but they don’t hurt me and they haven’t caused any problems (yet) and I’ll just keep them, I feel smarter with these new teeth sprouting up, thank you.


Take care of your teeth. My mothers’ diet (though she doesn’t eat a lot to begin with) consists mostly of her seasonal candy and diet coke, even though she brushes twice a day, uses mouthwash and (I’m pretty positive she) flosses every day as well, that’s not enough to tackle the impact of what sweets and diet coke can do to you.

I never really pay attention to what I eat, I don’t eat a lot of healthy food but I don’t eat a ton of candy either. My teeth aren’t perfect, far from, I have cavities (I’m getting it taken care of once mom is done, she’s the priority) and I have an inconsistent dental hygiene routine (once classes start back up I’ll be back on track, it’s difficult without a schedule). I also blame my mom’s genetics for her teeth whereas my dad has really great teeth (I’ve never been so thankful to be more genetically like my father).

I don’t have any terrible dentist stories, I just know I should dislike them.

Do you have any bad dentist stories? Or to switch it up, do you have any great dentist stories? These will be a great comfort to be in the coming months.