Six Winter Smells to Help Keep Jack Frost at Bay

I am an avid buyer of candles. I love when my room/ house smells like a completely different place, like a winter wonderland for example.

My all-time favorite winter season fragrance is Winter Candy Apple, it’s perfect. It’s sweet, not too overbearing and the perfect touch for the holiday season. I have everything in this scent, lotion, hand sanitizer, body wash, spritz, you name it I got it. It’s a classic at Bath and Body Works.

Next on the list is Flannel. It’s manly, manly and, oh did I say manly? It’s the perfect smell for when you want to cozy up with your favorite flannel (get it?) and binge watch chick flicks or superhero TV shows. I don’t have the full line of this product yet but I do have the mini candle and it is a wonderful change from the flowery sunset smell that my room had.

 Mahogany Teakwood is my next favorite. Like the previously mentioned smell it is manly. Flannel is punchier and has a higher pitch in sense of smell while Teakwood is more musky and earthy. It’s very pleasant, so much that I have the car scentable holder for this scent and every time I open my car door I get a whiff of it.

 Cozy Cabin is next on the list. It’s a beautiful wintery blue color and just the look of it is calming. The smell is also a very calming aspect about this line. It is incredibly fresh and it smells like you’re in a secluded snowy cabin paradise without responsibilities or finals.

 Twisted Peppermint is another favorite. It’s a wonderful scent that is girly, minty and it feels like you’re in a winter wonderland. I have the hand sanitizer of this product and I love it to pieces. It smells so amazing, it’s not overwhelming and it makes anywhere you’re at brighter. Feelin blue? Rub some Twister Peppermint on and get carried away to a better world.