Six Winter Smells to Help Keep Jack Frost at Bay

I am an avid buyer of candles. I love when my room/ house smells like a completely different place, like a winter wonderland for example.

My all-time favorite winter season fragrance is Winter Candy Apple, it’s perfect. It’s sweet, not too overbearing and the perfect touch for the holiday season. I have everything in this scent, lotion, hand sanitizer, body wash, spritz, you name it I got it. It’s a classic at Bath and Body Works.

Next on the list is Flannel. It’s manly, manly and, oh did I say manly? It’s the perfect smell for when you want to cozy up with your favorite flannel (get it?) and binge watch chick flicks or superhero TV shows. I don’t have the full line of this product yet but I do have the mini candle and it is a wonderful change from the flowery sunset smell that my room had.

 Mahogany Teakwood is my next favorite. Like the previously mentioned smell it is manly. Flannel is punchier and has a higher pitch in sense of smell while Teakwood is more musky and earthy. It’s very pleasant, so much that I have the car scentable holder for this scent and every time I open my car door I get a whiff of it.

 Cozy Cabin is next on the list. It’s a beautiful wintery blue color and just the look of it is calming. The smell is also a very calming aspect about this line. It is incredibly fresh and it smells like you’re in a secluded snowy cabin paradise without responsibilities or finals.

 Twisted Peppermint is another favorite. It’s a wonderful scent that is girly, minty and it feels like you’re in a winter wonderland. I have the hand sanitizer of this product and I love it to pieces. It smells so amazing, it’s not overwhelming and it makes anywhere you’re at brighter. Feelin blue? Rub some Twister Peppermint on and get carried away to a better world.

Fall Fashion: Leggings

What every girl loves to wear when it’s cold they’re too lazy for real pants.

Fall season means the campus will be overrun with leggings. Whether they are fleece lined and patterned or solid colors and see-through leggings have one thing in common: comfort. Some think that leggings are trashy or they are for one type of person, leggings are for everyone (I have yet to see men wear leggings but that should be interesting). Leggings took the Fall stage first in the 1990s when they were outselling jeans and then again in 2005 when they were a “fashion revival” ( Now leggings again become popular, they haven’t gone out of style they just make new ones. Patterned leggings, such as the ones from Lularoe, are a hit. You can wear then for more than yoga (eye roll); leggings are meant to be worn during the long chilly walk to class, to a date night with your favorite people and even to sleep in. Leggings are the ultimate fashion do.