Christmas List: Guide to Friend Buying

We all know the horror of trying to remember everything your best friend said about something they wanted. We wrack our brains trying to remember the thing they want most while maintaining our budget, except we’re in college and we don’t have budgets but whatever. So we think and think and pry and cry because we can’t even remember their favorite color at this point and so we ask our other friends if they have an idea on a super awesome present only to come up blank. Well this post is to help make it a tad easier for you to splurge your (parents’) hard-earned money on your friends for sticking with you for yet another semester.

  1. Starbucks Gift Card

Somewhere in the World Wide Web there is a coupon for a $15 Gift Card for $10. That’s a deal to me.

  1. Any Gift Card

Panera, Sonic, Walmart, Target; I think I would shed a tear if I got one for Target because Target is a utopia in itself where I have to spend at least $80 every time I walk in the door.

  1. Their Favorite Candy

No explanation needed, just pry or if you’re a true friend you’ll already have a stockpile of their favorite candy/food for when they show up at 1am wanting to talk.

  1. Scrapbook of your friendship

Scrapbooking is a cute way to show your love. It’s crafty and shows you care. Just print out pictures of each other that you took (or if there aren’t many of you together, you and them separately) and throw them in a scrapbook; Hobby Lobby has some cheap cardboard ones that you decorate and get super crafty with!

  1. Candles

This may come off offensive for some but I think it’s a kind gesture especially if you know a specific one that they want. See the previous post about candles if you’re going in blind.

  1. T-Shirt/ Something that is Sentimental

Did you go to a concert together? Get them a shirt of that band. Do you watch a weekly TV show together? Get them an action figure. Give them anything that means something to both of you and that you can always remember those days and times together.

  1. Socks

Awesome gift for the ones that have perpetual cold feet. Cute and fluffy ones always work for the winter season. Urban Outfitters also have awesome socks that are pop culture references or just interesting in general and they usually have deals for them.

  1. Movie/Concert tickets

Is your friend dying to see the new installation of their favorite franchise? Get them a movie ticket, you should probably throw in another one for you, you wouldn’t want them to go alone right? Same if their (and your) favorite band is coming to town, snatch up those tickets and wrap them in a big box to throw them off. Remember to use tons of tissue paper!

  1. Gift Basket

Hand make a gift basket for a movie night in. Fill it with their favorite candy, popcorn, soda and a DVD. Or you can buy one and make someone else put it together and be creative for you.

  1. Jar of Pickles/ An Inside Joke/ Something Simple

I would usually get my best friend in high school a jar of pickles as her gift. We both had a love for pickles so I thought it would be fun. It became a usual thing and she loved it, or at least pretended she did. Sometime it’s the simplest thing that matters most.

  1. Print out Pictures of You Two (or Three etc)

Be crafty with it. Find a letter for their initial and cut the pictures and glue them to fit onto the letter. It’s personalized, decorated and sweet.

  1. Paint Them a Canvas

Show your artistic eye by getting a canvas and some paint and going at it. Splatter paint is super easy (you shouldn’t do it in a dorm room unless you cover everything in plastic), or you could paint them a motivational piece for their room. It’s fun, easy and different.