Flannel: A Lumberjack’s best friend, or a college student’s best friend, or a ’90s enthusiast’s best friend.

Flannels are the greatest shirts for the fall and winter seasons. They are stylish, super comfortable and super warm. I wear them anywhere and everywhere. I even wear them to sleep sometimes. Flannels grew popular because of lumberjacks wearing them, but they hit their style peak in the 1990s when bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wore them on stage. Flannels are made from a material that is soft enough to wear for long hours at a time but tough enough to withstand the elements while working.

Flannel: Lumberjack style

Flannels are very versatile articles of clothing. You can wear them with the sleeves down and utilize the warmth of the long sleeves, or you can roll them up and find your happy medium. To be more like a lumberjack (costume idea?) you could just rip the sleeves off, or you could wear it around your waist and be retro.

Flannel: trendy style

Flannel shirts are super trendy, comfortable and relatable. I have three of my own, and I plan on expanding my collection this winter. They come in many different colors, but the fan favorite seems to be black and red.

Flannel: OSU style

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